“Diet” is a Dirty Word

With just a click of your trusty mouse, you can read weight-loss column after diet column, but leave yourself feeling confused, frustrated, and unmotivated. Are they telling you the truth, or is this just a plug for the “next-best” gimmicky product? There are so many conflicting ideas out there, and it can be difficult to navigate the waterways to find an approach that is suitable for you and your weight loss goals.

The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. What works for one person may not be the most effective and enjoyable for you. We are not clones, and we sure as heck are not birds and therefore do not need to eat like one.

Most of these columns fail to mention that it is not just the foods that we are consuming, but more importantly our lifestyle. Simply put, if it doesn’t stick, it doesn’t last. Nobody tells you that once you finish the “miracle diet,” the chances of you gaining the weight back are incredibly high. The cause of this is really quite simple. Crash diets help you lose weight quickly in the short term, but it takes a change in lifestyle for permanent, long term results.

Whenever I hear the word “diet,” I cringe. It evokes feelings of restriction, starvation, and dissatisfaction. You “can’t” have this, you “can’t” have that. The women in commercials that are selling these “diet” products with a huge smile on their faces as they jump into crystal clear water in their itty-bitty bikinis forget to mention that they are also starving and nutrient depleted. They twirl around in their bright-colored sundresses, hair down with not a care in the world, selling the idea that “eating less is a beautiful thing.” There is something wrong with this picture.

The best bit of advice that I can throw into the mix is to throw the word “diet” out the door! Forget the word ever existed. It brings nothing but heartache. “Diet” is a dirty, dirty word ranked right on up there with the b-word and f-word. It should never cross your mind, let alone your lips. It should be replaced with a much more pleasant, holistic word: nutrition.

There is no magic pill, no revolutionary diet bar, and no gimmick that can do for you what proper nutrition and regular exercise can.

This means that reaching your weight loss goals is easier than you think. It isn’t as complicated as these companies want you to believe. It is as simple as finding fresh, whole foods that you enjoy, and consuming them regularly to your heart’s content. Dive into the realm of natural food with the knowledge that your body is benefitting from each bite. Shift from the concept of “restriction” to the idea of “exploration” of fresh cuisine. Treat yourself every once and awhile, because restriction never boasted long term fulfillment. Find that balance between fresh food and indulgence that works best for you and keeps you feeling satisfied. Be happy. In the end, it is the development and establishment of healthy habits that determines the longterm results.

As much as exercise can appear to be monotonous and boring to the untrained eye, it can be quite the opposite. Try something new and switch up your exercise routine to keep yourself interested and your body guessing. Maybe you train for a half marathon or take a Zumba class one week and Pilates the next. Get involved in activities that build your confidence. Focus on improvement, not perfection. Everyone starts somewhere, so just know that with each attempt and every drop of sweat, you are changing your life, and therefore your body, for the better.

Above all, do what makes you happy. A healthy mind is a healthy body.


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